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Cutting-edge Machines and Machining Techniques

Newen EPOC CNC High Performance Valve seat machine

NEWEN® has developed a new machining method called EPOC fixed turning, designed to meet the precision criteria in valve seat machining and, in particular, those of the racing world, Formula 1 and others, this method allows us to design any valve seat profile via a touch screen computer and is able to machine complex shape using a single point cutter. This ensures minimal tool pressures whilst machining the valve seat and is why this machine is able to give a perfect valve seat geometry (concentricity; circularity and surface finish) that is second to none; there are virtually no limits to the system. The three angle valve seat are a thing of the past, as we are able to create the most complex valve seats all at the touch of a button, multi angle NASCAR valve seat, to the reversed radii seats, the only limit is your imagination. Backed up with flow bench testing, substantial horsepower gains have been found.

V8 Holden Head seats to suite 1.940"&1.600" Valves

Here the valve seats in a std Holden 253 head are being taken to L34 spec valve diameter, to see a video on this machine in action follow the link to our performance side of our business

Sunnen Line Hone
Line honing ensures the main tunnels are perfectly aligned, on size and round. It also gives the best surface finish allowing the bearing to seat perfectly in the contact area; this allows the heat from the main bearings to be transferred into the block, eliminating the possibility of bearing failure.

Holden 253 Block being Line Honed

Here we have a Holden 253 set up for tunnel alignment Follow e link and read more, visit our performance web site for a in depth description

CWT Multi-Balancer 5000

Balancing your engine assembly is a must; it relieves all your torsional stress on your blocks main tunnels and in turn sends the wasted horse power thrashing around in your crank case into gains at the back wheels. Our state of the art computerised C.W.T 5000 engine balancer is world renowned for its 3rd plane of inspection, this along with the correction software is able to correct imbalances quickly and accurately, the software is also able to calculate heavy metal vectoring which is quite common in big block stroker cranks. We are able to achieve NASCAR specs at will and will provide a computer generated bob weight card that gives you the initial spin imbalance data as well as the final spin data, it also calculates the imbalance loads that end up on the con rod from one thousand RPM through to ten thousand RPM, it will surprise you on how much load that in fact ends up on the con rod, this is also supplemented with individual piston, gudgeoned pin, con rods, rings, clips and bearing weights.

Holden 355 Stroker Crank

Balancing a Holden V8 stroker crank

AMC 2000 Crankshaft Grinder

Primarily crankshaft grinding, we are able to index your crank to ensure that the journal phasing are true and correct.

Rottler Boring bar

We use this machine primarily for boring engine blocks; we also machine O-ring grooves in the top deck with this machine.

Sunnen Cyl Hone

Sunnen are world leaders and are renowned world wide for there honing technology. We offer torque plate honing for a wide range off engine blocks. When torque plate honing, you are simulating the cylinder head tension on the block, the toque of the head bolts pull the cylinder bores slightly out of shape when fitted and can move the bores out of round by up to .0015” to .002”. After toque plate honing you eliminate this error, and the bores are perfectly round & parallel allowing your rings to bed perfectly.

Lectromax 5000 amp rack Detector

After cleaning of engine components Crack detection is the first thing that must be done so we can be sure there are no flaws in your casting before any major machining is done. This machine will detect cracks in blocks, crankshafts, con rods and cylinder heads, pretty much any thing that can be magnetized. Once the inspection has finished we simply de-magnetize the component ensuring that we have neutralize the magnetic field.

Flow Bench Facility's

Our computerized Super flow SF600 cylinder head air flow test bench with Flow Pro software package with digital readouts for corrected flow, test pressure, velocity probe, and swirl meter not only determines your engines power potential but as well provides information critical to the selection of valve sizes, port sizes, valve lift, etc. We will provide a computer generated flow sheet for you to analyze and help select the camshaft that will suit best if required. We are able to test all cylinder heads, intake manifolds throttle bodies, air cleaners, and mufflers as assemblies or separate, we believe this is a necessary part of cylinder head development.